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    This holiday season earn your wings by helping one of the tens of thousands of Arizona children who, without your help, will have nothing under the tree this holiday. Click the banner for complete details.

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Black Friday Sidewalk Camping

Thanksgiving Day shoppers flocked to stores in large numbers to take advantage of deals, just hours before Black Friday, known as the biggest shopping day of the year. However some of those shoppers waited in line and camped for a week. Why? Some of the reasons they told me was because the “best deals” are […]

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Shia LaBeouf..”I was Raped !”

Shia LaBeouf is now claiming that he was raped during his February art show titled #IAMSORRY…where he sat silent and alone in a room at the Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles with a paper bag over his head. Visitors were are allowed to pick from a selection of bizarre props and enter the room one […]

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‘Real World’ Star Ryan Knight Dead At 29

MTV’s “The Real World: New Orleans” star, Ryan Knight, has passed away at age 29. The last time he was seen was with friends Wednesday night. He was found yesterday morning. This is the second “Real World/ “Challenge” star to pass away this month. His costar Diem Brown died on November 14th from cancer. No […]

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The Average Calorie Count for Your Thanksgiving Meal is…

Here’s the Meal: Turkey (Dark Meat w/ Skin) Green Bean Casserole and Cranberry Sauce Sweet Potatoes w/ Marshmallows Stuffing and Mashed Potatoes Pecan AND Pumpkin Pie …wash it down with some white wine =   approximately 3, 157 CALORIES  !!!        aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! You’d have to walk @ 3.5 mph from Phoenix to Apache […]

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5 Black Friday Tips Before You Leave The House!

1. Get Some Sleep! You will want to be well rested so you can deal with all the crazy people who didn’t think of sleeping before they left their house to face the endless deals. Sleep will help you focus and you’ll be able to shop longer! 2. Download Apps A lot of stores have apps […]

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Ferguson Protests at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

A group organized on Twitter using the hashtag #StoptheParade, but only 7 arrests were reported at the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. People tried to break through the barriers and a group was reported throwing objects off a building to try and stop the parade. All was taken care of before the […]

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